Thimblebee Couture Millinery

Thimblebee Millinery


by Beryl Furey-King

Hats from Late Medieval to Contemporary designs and everything in between.

Check out our latest styles for re-enactors ... from Tudor to Georgian, Regency and Victorian bonnets and hats to World War 2 (WW2)

NEW - Steampunk Badges


COVID 19 - In this time of COVID-19 consultations are obviously not possible.  However, if you would like to, we can organise a Zoom Consultation where you can look more closely at the hats you are interested in and we can talk through what you want.




Welcome to Thimblebee Millinery


Thimblebee Millinery is a venture from a milliner who has a passion for historic millinery and period clothing.  This is not only reflected in the designs but in the emphasis on quality and the detail of each hat.  With a background in historic interpretation and re-enactment our designer brings a wealth of knowledge to each design. 

All of our millinery creations are handmade and handsewn.  We have an online shop but also offer a bespoke service.  Do you need a specific hat to go with your period outfit?  Contact us and we will discuss your requirements with an aim to producing what you need.

We can provide both historic designs and contemporary couture, including vintage styles which are perfect for completing that outfit for Goodwood. It is also an important part of our philosophy that we use good quality materials which are ethically sourced. 


We hope you enjoy browsing this site and do contact us if you need assistance.



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