Georgian Bonnet 1770s/1790s

Image description
Image description

Bonnets towards the end of the 18th century were made of silk and their prime aim was to shield the wearer from the sun.  It seems that most bonnets of this time were made in black silk, although this is a copy of a cream silk version from a portrait of around 1775.

There were some bonnets made in green or blue silk but illustrations of these are few and far between.

Our copy has a brim made of lightweight material which has been boned with artificial whale bone and wired into shape.  The large crown is stiff and stays in shape and there is a large bow at the front.  The hat is covered in cream silk.

Other versions will be available in due course, as it appears most people wore a black silk covered hat or poorer people seem to have worn ones made of lightweight wool.  

If you would like a Bonnet in a different colour or with alternative decoration, one can be made to your specific requirements.  Use the Contact Us in order to discuss your requirements.

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Cream Georgian Bonnet

Cream Georgian Bonnet

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