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Felt - the starting point for Thimblebee Millinery

Many of the designs in the collection are made from quality and ethically sourced felt.  The felt comes in an unshaped form which has to be steamed and drawn over a hat block of the desired shape.

The felt is then stifened and left to dry.

Once the hat form is dry, the brim edge is wired and covered in ribbon by hand.  A hat band is then added to the inside to ensure a good fit and it is decorated to your requirements. 

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Hat blocks - Thimbee Millinery

Some designs are created by making a form in buckram and covering it in fabric.  This can be a fabric of your choice, but velvet and silk are good options.  The fabric is hand stitched to the shape, which can be anything from a Victorian or Georgian bonnet, to a 1960s pillbox.

Decoration is again applied as required.


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Hat decoration - Thimblebee Millinery

Decoration can include:

  • Feathers
  • Veiling
  • Vintage lace
  • Vintage ribbon
  • Simulated pearls
  • Ribbon bows. roses and loops
  • etc

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Thimblebee Millinery is a new venture from a milliner who has always had a passion for anything vintage.  This is not only reflected in the designs but in the emphasis on quality and the detail of each hat.


Our designer has a background in historic interpretation and re-enactment and brings to each design a wealth of knowledge of period design and couture.


You can choose from a selection of designs, both contemporary couture and historic/vintage. Check them out through the collections:

  1. 1960s
  2. 1950s 
  3. 1940s 
  4. 1930s 
  5. Edwardian 
  6. Late Victorian
  7. Mid Victorian 
  8.  Regency
  9. Earlier periods available by request
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