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Thimblebee supplies bonnets and caps to museums such as the ss Great Britain and have provided hats for some TV productions.  We also provide historic military replicas for discerning re-enactors and exhibit at re-enactment marketsIf you cannot find what you are after in the page below, have a look at the Gallery page to see if anything inspires you.  If there is something else you are after you are welcome to use the enquiry form on the Contact Us page to discuss your design.

Click on the pictures for more details and to show other hats and bonnets available in the styles indicated.

Ladies' Online Store

Victorian (1837-1901)

Victorian (1837-1901)

Regency/Late Georgian (1811-1837)

Georgian (1734-1811)

Edwardian to 1950s

Late Medieval to 1714



1847 Poke Wedding Bonnet

1840s Poke Bonnet

1850s Bonnets

1860s Spoon Bonnet

1860s Brimless hat

1859 straw Empress Hat

Image description

1870s Bonnets

1880/90 Directoire Hat in felt

1880 Percher Hats

1880/90 Flowerpot Hats in Felt and Straw

1890 Percher Hats

1880/90 Midi sized Tyrolean Hats in Felt

1890s Bonnets


Regency/Late Georgian (1811-1837)

Ladies Regency Riding Hat

Regency Berets and Turbans

Regency Tree Bonnet 1815

Image description

New Regency Bonnets coming soon!


Georgian (1734-1811)

Capotaine hat 1780/90

Pancake/Bergere Hat 1720s/1770s

Silk Georgian Bonnet 1770s/90s

Georgian cocked hat (Tricorn)

1807 Poke Bonnet

18th century Cocket Hat.  Used by ladies as a riding hat.


Late Medieval to 1714

Elizabethan percher' hats

Elizabethan Bonnet

Capotaine Hat 1590s to Mid 17th Century

Late 16th to Early 17th Century Hat


Edwardian to 1950s

Edwardian Styles

1930s/40s Styles

1950s styles



Steampunk Midi sized Top Hats 

Steampunk percher hats

Steampunk Percher Fez.



Large Brimmed Hats


Cloche hats

Small hats

Summer Hats