Thimblebee Couture Millinery

Thimblebee Millinery


by Beryl Furey-King

Check out our latest styles for re-enactors ... from Regency / Victorian bonnets and hats to World War 1 (WW1)



Welcome - Thimblebee Couture Millinery


Welcome to Thimblee Millinery


All of our millinery creations are completely handmade and to your own requirements.  We offer both contemporary couture and historic designs, including vintage styles which are perfect for completing that outfit for Goodwood or for topping-off your historic clothing.


We can design millinry creations  to meet your needs and decorate them to complement your vintage accessories.


Look through the samples illustrated in our galleries and contact us to find out what we can do for you.



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Ranges available from thimblebee millinery:


Couture collection

Original contemporary designs created by our designer perfect for a wedding, a day at the races or any other prestige event where you want to be noticed.  We can make something to fit with your chosen outfit.


Historic collection

Copies of original historic pieces made to fit with your favourite creation.  This collection also includes Vintage styles.  Our gallery shows a range of samples, but just ask if you have something specific in mind and we should be able to meet your needs.


Steampunk collection

Interested in steampunk ... we can offer something a little dfferent to match your creativity.  Not just midi top hats, but copies of other Victorian styles too.